The Story Behind Experience West Virginia

Coming from a long line of  West Virginia residents, we both carry a special understanding of what a wonderful place our home state really is, an understanding that most tend to miss if they haven’t spent much time among the people and beauty of West Virginia.

After spending 10 months in weekly community meetings speaking with residents from North Central West Virginia, we found we were not alone in this. Too often residents, business owners, and event organizers share how they have a hard time reaching their audience while the audience has a difficult time finding them.

Experience West Virginia, a new and unique network, aims to connect and engage residents and state visitors with fun, local and state-wide events. This one of a kind, state-wide community calendar focuses on big and small events in each region.

If you have an event, special promotion or non-profit meeting, we want to know about it!  We are more than a community calendar, we are customer-generators and community organizers, dedicated to making the WV economy succeed. Our clean and easy to use promotion platform can take your weeknight, weekend or event to the next level.

With a deep love for our state and the people in it, we’ve responded to the call for a connection. We strive to be the one-stop needed to promote your event or plan the perfect weeknight outing or weekend adventure.

West Virginia Mountains